NIRS™ DS2500
  • NIRS™ DS2500

NIRS™ DS2500

Reference: 76001000

NIR (near infrared) analyzer for different matrices

The NIRS DS 2500 dairy analyser is a new generation near infrared (NIR) analyser that helps you to improve yield and reduce energy usage in powder production

NIRS™ DS2500 Feed and Forage analyser is designed for use in the laboratory or feed mill

The NIRS™ DS 2500 flour analyser helps millers to boost yield by giving unique levels of accuracy regarding ash as well as highly accurate measurements of protein, moisture and colour. 

Direct measurements of dairy powders in compliance with IDF 201 guidelines Fat, Protein, Moisture, Ash, Lactose, Acidity and more 
Direct measurements of feed and forage samples in ground or unground form, for example direct measurement of pellets FOSS global calibrations include: Fat, Protein, Moisture, Ash, Starch and Crude Fiber. Access to relevant reference analysis makes it possible to develop additional calibrations for parameters such as Amino Acids, NDF, ADF, Colour and more.
Direct measurements of flour samples Protein, Moisture, Ash, Starch, Wet gluten and many more

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