St 243 SoxTec
  • ST 255 Soxtec
  • St 243 SoxTec

Soxtec™ 200 series


Solvent Extraction Solution

Soxtec™ solvent extraction systems for safe, convenient and economical determination of soluble, or extractable, matter. Typically five times faster than classical Soxhlet equipment, Soxtec™ systems provide rapid analysis with absolutely no loss in precision or accuracy. Soxtec™ 200 series comprises 2 different solvent extraction systems (ST 255 and 243)

Sample Parameter
Food, Feed, Agriculture, Soil, Wastewater, Sludge, Textiles, Plastics,
Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and a wide range of other industrial products.
Crude Fat, Total Fat Extractable matter

Specific References

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