• GC-2025



Capillary GC with large 16-line LCD display which shows e.g.  the current chromatogram and power consumption information. Split/splitless injector as well as AFC-H (High Pressure Advanced Flow Control) for complete electronic control of carrier gases including septum purge. Detector gases are controlled by  APC (Advanced Pressure control). 

The GC has a compact design and requires a minimum of space (W) 400 x (D) 490 x (H) 420mm. Temperature range: + 10°C – 400°C; -50°C – 400°C with LCO2 (optional). Temperature programs with up to 20 heating ramps (setting +/- 250 °C/min maximum). Cooling program is possible. New oven design with improved isolation and new heater optimized for energy- efficient heating. Power consumption is 30% reduced compared to GC-2010 Plus. 

GC-2025 is available with Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and Split/splitless injector only. FID detector sensitivity for trace level analysis (MDQ 2pgC/s). 

GC-2025 is equipped with AFC for split/splitless injection pressure range  0.5-970kPa and flow range 0.5-1200ml/min. Split ratio can be set from 0-9999. The Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) is equipped with APC for control of hydrogen, make up gas and air. Several gas saving techniques enable to significant reduction of gas consumption of carrier but also detector gases.  

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