GC-2010 Pro
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GC-2010 Pro


The GC-2010 Pro represents a new generation in Routine GC. Fast oven heating and cooling reduces the analysis time and allow high sample throughput. Based on GC-2010 Plus™ technology, it combines easy operation with efficient analysis and excellence in sensitivity and precision.

Based on GC-2010 Plus technique the GC-2010 Pro sets new benchmarks in precision, sensitivity and fast operation for middle class GC segment.  Electronic gas controls support different chromatographic modes (e.g. Direct, Flow, Pressure, and constant linear velocity), including high-pressure operation with fast- or advanced chromatographic techniques. Up to 6 electronic gas control modules can be operated – divided in maximum two AFC or carrier gas control and up to four APCs for detector gases or and other gas supply requirements. The electronic carrier gas control can be operated up to 970kPa for operation of high resolution small inner diameter capillary columns. In combination with the fast heating and cooling oven the GC is capable for fast GC analysis.

Auto samplers:

Optionally the GC-2010 Pro can be equipped with different auto samples for liquid injection (e.g. AOC-20i and AOC-6000 series), headspace injection (HS-20, HS-10, and AOC-6000 series), AOC-6000 series for solid phase micro extraction (SPME), in tube extraction (ITEX) and even more sophisticated sample preparation techniques, as well as valves for automated gas injections.


Up to two injectors can be operated with GC-20ß10 Pro simultaneously (two analytical line operation). In free selection Split/Splitless injector (SPL), Cold on column injector (OCI), Programmable Thermal Vaporizer (PTV) and Wide Bore Injector (WBI) can be installed. Default all injectors are operated with Advanced Flow Control (AFC). 

Carrier Gas Controls (AFC):

The Advanced Flow Control AFC is designed for high repeatability of retention times and peak area. For fast chromatography capillary columns can be operated with pressures up to 970kPa. The carrier gas can be freely selected between (Hydrogen H2, Helium He, Nitrogen N2 and Argon Ar). Gas flows are controlled up to 1200ml/min allowing high split ratios to avoid overloading of fast column. For economy gas, saver functionality prevents unnecessary wasting of gas. 

High Power Oven

The GC oven can be operated up to 450°C. Optionally cooling with liquid CO2 or liquid nitrogen allow low starting temperatures -50 °C and -90°C respectively. Supporting short GC run times fast heating and cooling of the oven is possible despite of oven volume of 13.7l providing sufficient space for installation of several capillary columns.  For easier column exchange without need of any tools the new ‘Click Tek’ technique is available for GC-2010 Pro.


All detectors –FID, FTD, FPD, TCD, ECD and the unique BID” are fast responding with sampling frequency up to 250Hz and free selectable filter time constant down to 4ms. Therefore, the GC is fully prepared for fast chromatography and  advanced chromatographic techniques.

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