• GCMS-QP2020



Single quadrupole GC/MS instument

GC/MS is now a standard analytical technique used in a variety of fields. With each new development, requests for more cost-effective systems and improvements in the work-life balance of users grow. Dedicated to improving efficiency, the GCMS-QP2020 NX can assist any laboratory, regardless of its analysis focus, achieve its full potential.

MS Hardware

Quadrupole mass spectrometer with a mass range from 1.5 to 1090 amu. Mass stability 0.1 amu/48 hours. EI ionization; dedicated EI, PCI or combi ion source for EI, PCI and NCI, depending on model.
Patended mass scanning technology (US patent US5227629) and high scanning speed with patented (US Patent: US6610979) ASSP (Advanced Scannig Speed protocol) technology: 20000 masses/sec (max data acquisition frequency 100 Hz).
Ultra high sensitivity with high sensitivity ion optics with high transport efficiency (patent pending) and patented (US patent US6737644) Overdrive lens system.
Dual filement ion source with variable ionization voltage (10-200 eV) and current (5-250 uA). Ion source is independently heated from 140 - 300 °C.
Pirani gauge for low vaccuum measurement and Ion gauge for high vaccuum measurement.

High Capacity Differential Vacuum System in GCMS-QP2020:
Main Pump: 200/200 Split Flow TMP 
Backing Pump: 30 l/min oil rotary pump 

Capillary direct interface to the MS for columns from 0.1 to 0.53 mm inner diameter. Column flow up to 15 ml/min.
Innovative Twin-line MS system for the simultaneous installation of 2 GC columns in the MS interface.
DI (Direct Inlet) system for the mass spectrometer optionally available.

GC Hardware
GC-2030: Capillary GC with touchpad display, split/splitless injector as well as AFC (High Pressure Advanced Flow Control) for complete electronic control of carrier gases including split ratio and septum purge.                                                                                                         

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